Affenpinscher is a miniature dog, whose motherland is Germany, a primary profession is a rat catcher.Affenpincher is a rat catcher

The affenpinscher is quite a rare breed. Life-span is about 11 years, age of a growing is 18 months – 2 years, height is 24-27 cm, weight is 3-5 kg. The affenpinscher is a good watchman who makes a lot of noise if needed, treating strangers suspiciously.

Fur of the affenpinscher is rough and rigid, sometimes short and dense or long and shaggy. A black color with gray shades, but it doesn’t shed. No Need For Trimming before exhibitions. The coat requires frequent brushing and periodic grooming.

Despite being small,  this rare type of dog is always trying to find a way to keep itself busy and be active throughout the day.  Training is not something Affenpinschers would love to do so more personal time with the dog should be spent.

Its daily diet should consist of 1/3 can of a dog forage and the same quantity of biscuits. It is necessary to watch their weight. 

As an important member of the family, Affenpinchers feel very comfortable being guards of   the family.They are not very trustful with other people, though, it gets along very well with other types of dogs; a bit scared of cats.

As for mingling it with other home pets, it should be done very carefully!

This dog can show his best not only at country sides but also in towns and cities.  A modern flat is a good option to keep a dog in.  Black dogs don’t stand sun rises very well, be careful so that they don’t get overheated. Hot times during the day isn’t the best  for a dog such as  affenpinscher.

Do Not Let The Dog  Jump Off The Chair As it Might Break Its Legs Or Injure  Other Parts Of Its Body.