More About Afghan Hounds

The Afghan dog always maintains a stature of nobility and great showmanship. This is probably why it is considered a great show dog. This dog is somewhat indifferent of things and just goes with the flow. It is considered one of the oldest sighthound breeds. They were primarily bred to hunt using their quickness and ability to see their prey as opposed to catching their prey using scent.

The Afghan Hound has a thick and silky coat of fur for it to adapt to the cold moutainous regions of Afghanistan. This breed has a high pelvis and short back side resembling the physiology of a greyhound; great for chasing down fleeing prey. This body type allow this dog to turn fluidly and leap at great heights. The Afghan Hound also has large padded paws that allowed it to chase prey aross rocky mountainous terrain in Afghanistan without injuring itself. The thick coat kept the dog warm during the cold winters. The dog has a very distinguished stride, while always walking with its head up. It almost looks like it is bouncing with every step it takes.

The Afghan Hound is aloof and a shy dog. However, those traits quickly are pushed aside due to its love of hunting and chasing down things. This breed has a happy temperament and is great to socialize around kids.

It can live both indoors or outdoors. However if you are going to keep the dog outdoors you will have to make sure to brush its thick fur a few times during the week to prevent entagnling. If the dog stays indoors then you have to conscious of the shedding as it will leave hair all over the place so for those with fur allergies this will not be ideal. It is recommended that you walk the dog everyday for a minimum of 45 minutes and you can even go with a running pace as this dog loves to remain active.

The Afghan Hound has an life expectancy rate of 12-14 years in ideal situations. This dog can have tail, canin hip dysplasia (CHD), cataract issues. It is recommended to get yearly check ups with the dog’s verterinarians to monitor for this problems.

The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest breeds of sighthound dogs. It was used to hunt meat and small game. As the breed developed in the Afghan mountain regions it became a dog that was agile and athletic; allowing it to run across the mountainous terrain and leap great heights. The Afghan Hound remained fairly isolated to the Afghan Mountains until in the early 20th century they were brought to England. From this point their upbringing converted from a hunting dog to one of more glamour and glitz as they popuarly used as show dogs due to their long silky coat and distinguished stride.