How to look after Bulldogs

bulldog kids
It’s very important that their face and leaps must be clean, so it should be wiped regularly with a moist napkin. If not to do it, the infection might get into the body through the mouth. Never use soap or any other washing supplies for cleaning the face, as a dog may be allergic.

The Dog should be washed only if it’s very necessary, doing it very often might cause itching, peeling or skin irritation. if the dog got dirty, you can wipe it off with a moist fabric.   Claws should be checked regularly as well. They should not laminate or be too sharp. Don’t forget about the teeth. Clean them twice a week.

Despite their clumsiness, English Bulldogs are quite energetic dogs needing the regular physical activities. As far as they are inclined to the fast weight getting, and some of them are even fat, frequent walks are very important for this breed. They must always be motivated to a more active style, as  they don’t wish to fullfill anythig by their own wish.

Physical activies should NOT be done at very cold or hot weather, as their fur isn’t thick enough to protect them from the frost.  It’s better not to go for a walk at the high temperature, be careful so that your pet doesn’t get overheated.