American Mastiff

American Mastiff


WeightMale73–91 kg 

Female64–82 kilograms 

HeightMale32–36 in (81–91 cm)

Female28–34 in (71–86 cm)

CoatSmooth, short-haired and easy to groom

ColorColors are fawn, apricot and brindle. White markings acceptable on feet, chest and chin/nose.

Life span10–12 years

The American Mastiff was developed by Fredericka Wagner of Flying W Farms in Ohio over 20 years ago when an Old English Mastiff was crossed with an Anatolian Mastiff (Kangal). With this combination, you get a dog that has fewer hip problems, lesser drooling, and a longer life expectancy than many giant breeds. American Mastiffs are registered with the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) who recognized this breed as purebreds in January 2000.


There are four colors for the breed: silver fawn, apricot fawn, apricot brindle, and silver brindle. The silver fawn color resembles that of the Old English Mastiff; it ranges from a tan to an almost creamy color. The apricot fawn color is more reddish-brown, and the brindle pattern is the respective color mixed with distinctive black striping. All of the dogs, no matter what color, will have a black mask on their face, as well.


The American Mastiff is a gentle giant, wanting nothing more than to be near their owner. For those of you with children, the American Mastiff will favor your children, following them, playing with them, drowning them in kisses, and just generally making sure they’re safe.  They are quiet protectors and will stand between you and whatever they perceive to be a threat.   They do not bark senselessly nor do they wander.  These noble dogs are sensitive and want to please their master, needing only the tone of your voice as a correction.  


AMFor those of you that like to exercise with your dogs, you may want another breed.  The American Mastiff is a wonderful walking companion, but jogging especially on hard ground is not good for their joint health. They will, however, run around with you in the yard (for short bursts) and many of them love to play soccer, paddling a large ball around with their front paws.  Many American Mastiffs love to play in the water, as well, although not many are strong swimmers.


Overall, the American Mastiff is not a guard dog, nor is it a show dog. They are simply a great family pet and devoted companion.  To adopt one of our puppies, we require that the puppy will live with you in your home for the American Mastiff is a breed that is happiest when with its family members.  We also require that you agree to early socialization, ongoing dog training and to spay or neuter your puppy at the appropriate age.