Alpine Dachsbracke

Alpine Dachsbracke

13 – 16.5 inches

33 – 40 pounds

(Basset des Alpes, Alpenlandischer Dachsbracke, Alpenlandische Dachsbracke) The Alpine Dachsbracke is a stout, hardy breed that was initially used as a hunting dog. The head features a long, pronounced muzzle with a straight bridge and a proportional black nose. They have close-fitting, semi-curved lips with black pigment. Their well-developed teeth close in a scissors or pincer bite, and their eyes are very dark in color. Their straight limbs are short, well-muscled, and strong-boned. Their long, heavily muscled bodies feature prominent withers, a level back, and a deep chest. Their belly is moderately tucked up and their hindquarters are powerful and well-angulated. The Alpine Dachsbracke has a double coat that features a thick over coat and a dense under coat. While the coat exists in many colors, the dark deer red version is ideal.

The Alpine Dachsbrake is intelligent, kind, sociable, and courageous. Initially utilized as a working dog by mountain huntsman, this breed is hardy, possesses a good work ethic, and can tolerate extreme weather conditions. They make wonderful companions and they are very friendly by nature.

The Alpine Dachsbracke doesn’t have any known genetic problems. Their average lifespan is around 12 years. Easy to groom and take care of, the Alpine Dachsbracke’s short, thick coat only requires brushing and mild soap as necessary. Occasionally, the breed can be dry shampooed. Ears of this breed should be regularly checked for signs of infection, and the nails should be kept trimmed.

The Alpine Dachsbracke is an excellent companion for families with small households or apartments. They are comparatively active indoors, and they don’t need a yard. Still, the breed needs plenty of exercise, so it’s important for their owner(s) to ensure they remain active inside.