Day: July 8, 2017

12 Reasons Doberman Pinschers Are The Worst Breed EVER. FUN TO READ

1. They delight in ruthlessly squishing babies to death! 2. Not to mention crushing other dogs too! 3. Lets not forget how violent they can be! 4. “I double dare you!” 5. This poor piggy bank never even stood a chance … I bet he stole all the change from it too! 6. They are liars of the highest order … run while you can […]

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Tips on Buying a Siberian Husky Puppy

First things first.  If you are looking to add a Siberian Husky dog to your home, check your local shelters first.  There are so many of these dogs that have been abandoned by previous owners that did not understand the specifics and traits of the breed. There are also rescue groups that deal specifically with […]

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