12 Reasons Doberman Pinschers Are The Worst Breed EVER. FUN TO READ

1. They delight in ruthlessly squishing babies to death!

2. Not to mention crushing other dogs too!

3. Lets not forget how violent they can be!

4. “I double dare you!”

5. This poor piggy bank never even stood a chance … I bet he stole all the change from it too!

6. They are liars of the highest order … run while you can mailmen!!!

7. Worst of all Doberman Pinschers are notorious food stealers.

8. Screw you a**holes, no lunchtime potassium for you!”

9. In spite of their viciousness they are no help when it comes to riding the house of creepy crawlies.

10. They always disturb you when you’re in the toilet…

11. They always sneak up and yell in your ear …

12. Whatever you do don’t get a Doberman Pinscher. Horrendous dogs!!!